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Client Testimonials:

I had given up on Ibrahim, my 4 year old who would wake up 4-5 times a night (if not more). After talking to Margot and coaching him for few weeks he started sleeping on his own and would wake up maybe once and now he sleeps on his own without waking up at night and is very happy in the morning! Me and my husband get a full night’s sleep and everyone is happy! Thank you Margot!

– Ibrahim’s parents


Sleep training was one of the best decisions we’ve made this first year of our baby’s life. As second time parents we thought we knew how to get a baby to sleep, but we learned so much through the sleep education. The daily coaching was invaluable. With a quick email or phone call, April was able to coach us through any hiccups and explain what the issue was so we could correct it next time. As a family we are all better rested and happier!

– Harper’s parents


Our daughter’s sleep regressed at 9 months when I (her mom) went back to work full time. She was waking up 3-4 times nightly and I resorted to nursing her back to sleep each time because I didn’t know what else to do. I was exhausted and our entire household was struggling due to the lack of consistent sleep! Then we called Sleephaven. Margot was incredibly helpful and gave us some simple tips and strategies of what to change in order to experience success. Both my partner and I were on board so we implemented things immediately and within a week Maisie was sleeping well (and so were we!). She now sleeps 11 hours or more through the night, and seems incredibly proud of herself for doing so. The main thing I remember Margot saying is “You’re doing all the work to get your child to sleep, the key is to change that so she is doing the work for herself”. So true! We travelled through a couple time zones over the holidays and Maisie was a champ through it all, keeping her nap and nighttime routines solid throughout. I feel like I have a new lease on life thanks to Sleephaven!

– Parents to 11-month-old Maisie


I think that using Sleephaven was the best thing that we could have chosen to do. I actually wish that we would have done this months or a year or two prior than when we did. Looking back I realize that she had sleep issues for a long time and we could have done something about it.

With our plan created by us with April, we had something solid and concrete and [knew] where we needed to go with it. Having that plan was worth Gold! None of it was rocket science, but it helped having someone walk us through it start to finish.

– Parents to 3-year-old Aurora


My experience with Sleephaven was fantastic. I am constantly recommending their services to current and soon to be parents. Working with Janine gave me the confidence I needed to make the necessary changes so that my children got the sleep they needed. What I think differentiates Sleephaven’s approach is their commitment [not only] to guide you through their process but also stand by and support your decisions.

– Jaime, mom to 12-month-old daughter


It takes work, so one needs to be aware and prepared upfront, but the results were totally worth it. Thanks Margot!

– Parent to a spirited 3-year-old


We never saw an end in sight in regard to sleep until we met Margot. She not only gave us the tools and encouragement we needed to sleep coach our son, but also taught us the science of sleep and proof of how much sleep babies really need. This helped us keep going because we now knew being a good sleeper is beneficial in so many ways. Now whenever we hit a regression in sleep we can pull out the things Margot taught us and use that as a foundation to get our little guy back on track. Thank you Sleephaven!

– Reign’s mom


Our daughter was having some extreme difficulties settling and going to bed on her own. She has issues with regulation and cannot verbalize her emotions in a consistent manner. My wife and I would begin the bedtime process at 8pm and there would be occasions where she would not go to bed until 11pm. Further complicating matters was the fact that she would not go to sleep on her own and my wife or I would have to sleep in the bed with her. Thanks to the talented people at Sleephaven, we were able to employ strategies that fostered greater independence for our daughter when it came to bedtime routines. Our daughter is able to settle on her own and is able to go back to sleep when she wakes up in the middle of the night. Overall our family has been pleased with the people at Sleephaven.

– Nylah’s parents


We highly recommend using Sleephaven! Our son has some behavioural issues, so typical solutions didn’t seem to work for him. April was able to find the perfect combination of tactics to help, and now bed time is no longer the 1 hour battle that it used to be, he sleeps through the night (or is able to put himself back to sleep by himself if he does wake up), and he stays in bed in the morning until his wake up light comes on! Very grateful…thank you!

– 3-year-old Jackson’s parents


Sleep coaching with Margot at Sleephaven was a complete life changing experience for us and our baby. Brynn was sleeping very short stretches throughout the night, sometimes as little as 45 minutes at a time to only about 2 hours. Naps were even worse and she had to be held to nap longer than 30 minutes. On night 3 of sleep coaching, Brynn slept through the night and from night 5 on she consistently slept 12 hours a night uninterrupted. Naps did take a little longer but she finally came around to be fairly consistent with that as well.

We definitely could not have done this on our own, even with the knowledge of what to do, it really was the support and coaching from Margot that got us to where we are. We are now on month 3 of 11-12 hours a night of sleep which has been amazing for all 3 of us. Thank you Margot!

– Parents to 6-month-old Brynn


When we first contacted Sleephaven we were desperate for sleep! Between the teething, middle of the night feeds and constant wake ups we felt like we would never get any sleep. After our first consultation we were given some strategies which we were eager to try. We gradually introduced the strategies and Lauren started responding well. Within a couple of weeks we had a baby who FINALLY slept through the night! It did take some work but with consistency and a gentle approach we found it very manageable. We can now say since completing the Sleephaven process Lauren has consistently slept through the night even with colds, teething and traveling. We are so happy and thankful for all the help and support April at Sleephaven provided us. We would definitely recommend Sleephaven!

– Alanna, mom to 10-month-old Lauren


Working with Sleephaven and Margot was the best decision we could have made. We initially tried the cry it out method on our own but we have a persistent little guy and there was still lots of crying but as soon as we started working with Margot things made dramatic improvements. She was able to work with us from where we had already started and was very supportive along our journey. There was lots of communication and the entire process was very thorough. I would highly recommend this service to anyone having sleep issues with their spirited baby!

– Remy’s mom


Our​ ​8​ ​almost​ ​9​ ​month​ ​old​ ​started​ ​going​ ​through​ ​her​ ​3​ ​to​ ​2​ ​nap​ ​transition​ ​pretty​ ​early​ ​and​ ​we​ ​couldn’t​ ​figure out​ ​proper​ ​timing​ ​to​ ​save​ ​our​ ​lives!​ ​With​ ​her​ ​transition​ ​came​ ​naps​ ​that​ ​were​ ​short​ .​ ​After​ ​just​ ​one week​ ​of​ ​working​ ​with​ ​Janine,​ ​our​ ​daughter​ ​was​ ​taking​ ​2​ ​solid​ ​naps​ ​per​ ​day​ ​and​ ​sleeping​ ​11-12​ ​hours uninterrupted​ ​at​ ​night.​ ​​ ​What​ ​I​ ​found​ ​most​ ​useful​ ​was​ ​that​ ​Janine​ ​shared​ ​a​ ​log​ ​with​ ​me.​ ​I​ ​tracked​ ​whenever I​ ​would​ ​put​ ​Moraya​ ​down,​ ​how​ ​long​ ​it​ ​would​ ​take​ ​her​ ​to​ ​fall​ ​asleep,​ ​when​ ​she​ ​woke,​ ​etc.​ ​This​ ​helped​ ​us develop​ ​a​ ​pattern​ ​of​ ​when​ ​she​ ​was​ ​getting​ ​tired​ ​for​ ​her​ ​naps. Janine​ ​was​ ​also​ ​very​ ​quick​ ​to​ ​answer​ ​any​ ​and​ ​all​ ​questions/emails. If​ ​you​ ​are​ ​considering​ ​hiring​ ​a​ ​sleep​ ​consultant,​ ​I​ ​strongly​ ​recommend​ ​Janine.​ ​I​ ​feel​ ​confident​ ​and​ ​relaxed thinking​ ​about​ ​the​ ​next​ ​nap​ ​transition​ ​as​ ​I​ ​know​ ​Janine​ ​is​ ​only​ ​a​ ​phone​ ​call​ ​away!”

– Parents to 8-month-old Moraya


I wish we had done the sleep training earlier. My son is 15 months old and he was waking up at least 5 times (up to 8) per night. I was so helpless and hopeless when I contacted Sleephaven. They were very professional, supportive and friendly. I never could have believed that my son would sleep through the night. We saw good results after a week of training [and] didn’t feel that we were emotionally damaging our child. I recommend them since we had very good experience working with them.

– Maral and Mustafa


We found ourselves having to rock/bounce and sing our daughter to sleep EVERY single time, including night time waking’s. Sometimes this would take 45 minutes or more! Her naps were inconsistent and unpredictable and at 8 months old was still waking up 2-3 (sometimes more!) times each night. Sleep was very stressful in our house and none of us were getting the rest we needed. I was reluctant to try sleep coaching/training because I expected it to be extremely difficult and it seemed like there was always an excuse: “maybe she’s just teething”, “we have too much going on right now”, “she’ll grow out of it eventually” etc.

After Margot’s help, [our daughter] can fall asleep by herself, naps consistently, and sleeps 12 hours at night. Now we have a few hours each evening to spend time together and do stuff around the house while she sleeps and we don’t have to stress about how difficult it will be to get her to sleep.

Sleep coaching was WAY easier than we expected. It took a little bit of patience, and time commitment, but no more than what we were suffering with before. And it was so rewarding watching her learn to put herself to sleep and realizing how much happier we all were once we well rested. We wish we had reached out to Margot months earlier.

– Krystal and Matthew, parents to 8-month-old daughter


We had an excellent experience with April Monkman-Lees!!! We are on our last step and we have gotten our evenings (and what feels like our lives) back. We had a great experience transitioning ourselves from a bedtime routine which was hours long in our daughter’s bed to quick night time routines. It actually has been led by our daughter and she has been respected throughout the experience and given her a few responsibilities which helps her to feel in charge.

Thank you times 100 from all of us!

– Mom to 3-year-old Aurora


I would definitely recommend Sleephaven! I have had success with Emma sleeping through the nights and [she] doesn’t need night time feedings anymore. This was the first time that I have slept and Emma is 13 months so this is a very happy mom!! We have a routine and schedule which Emma didn’t have before. Thank you very much for your tips and tools.

– Mom to 13-month-old Emma


James is able to coach himself back to sleep after waking himself usually within a few minutes. [We] now have a lot more sleep at night and James only wakes once a night for nursing. Sleep coaching was not a one-way one-parent street – both parents contributed to the success of the training. We are the envy of parents: now we can just put the baby down in his crib and he will go to sleep on his own, instead of having to rock, shush, or sing to him for at least 30 to 40 minutes at a time.

– James’ parents (supported by April Monkman-Lees)


I work with children and have a background in pediatric development, so it was important to me to find an approach that was still sensitive to the emotional needs of the child. April was very supportive and sensitive to our family’s needs. She helped us stay consistent, and gently steered us in the right direction when my previous beliefs about my child’s sleep needs were interfering with getting her down soon enough for naps and bed time. By day 11 Annika was sleeping through the night, and within 3 weeks she was napping so much better. Bed times and naps are now a peaceful affair for the most part, and I know we have the tools to deal with any set backs that may come (teething, illness, etc.). We can’t say enough about what a great experience this was.

– Annika’s parents


We are very happy with the success we received from Margot at Sleep Haven. The tools that were provided to help us get through the sleep coaching worked wonders. It took about 4 nights and our son has been sleeping great ever since. I am very thankful for a better night’s rest and my son seems much more full of energy during the day. Thank you for all your help!

– Mom to 13-month-old Rhys


Before we met Margot, we spent most of the day and night trying to convince [our little guy] to sleep. It was exhausting – the constant bouncing, constant nursing, constant uncertainty about when (or whether) he would sleep. We were spent. We tried sleep training on our own and it was a horrible and guilt-ridden experience. We needed a professional. Someone who could help us make a humane plan and stick to it or, as the case sometimes was, adjust the plan when it was impossible to stick to it.

After Margot assessed our son’s sleep environment, we made immediate changes and saw pretty immediate improvements. We were eager to sleep coach right away, but our son got a nasty cold. Margot was very patient and encouraged us to wait until he was well before continuing with the sleep renovation plan. Sleep coaching was tough for everyone in our house, so it was really helpful to have Margot’s perspective. She would listen to our observations and offer advice. Often the smallest changes (changes that we would never have thought of) made a huge difference. Margot also helped us reason through the crying to determine whether it was something we should be concerned about (it never was). She encouraged us to keep at it, and that support was invaluable.

Now, our son sleeps 11 hours at night and naps 3 hours a day. We can almost always count on grown up time together in the evening and on two extended stretches of sleep. We also feel like we have a toolbox of strategies that we can draw on when sleep is disrupted by travel, teething, development, etc. Hiring Margot was one of the best investments we have made since baby was born.

– Lisa & Ken, parents to 6-month-old son


The sleep coaching with Sleephaven was such a positive experience not just for my husband and I, but for our 9 month old as well. After 9 months of being woken up every 2 hours by my son, reading books/blogs/consulting apps etc. I knew there had to be a solution that would truly teach all of us the resources that we needed to get kiddo sleeping better through the night. Margot’s thorough analysis of our current situation, temperament of our son, sleep environment, and our wishes for a practical sleep solution were all considered. Margot did an excellent job providing us with the resources we needed prior to beginning the sleep coaching including a personalized plan that offered coaching for both nap and night time sleeps, feedings, bed time routines, and sleep environment. She really gave us the support we needed which gave me peace of mind and confidence – after all, as motivated as I was to finally have kiddo sleep trained, both my husband and I were anxious about how it was all going to go. What I found most helpful were the follow-up sessions that we had with Margot to analyze how the sleep went, what we did, and what we should do moving forward. I really appreciate that Sleephaven has allowed me the opportunity to really enjoy the last few months of my maternity leave now that we are all better rested.

– Parents to 9-month-old Nixon


Margot was a big help in getting our daughter on a schedule for sleep. We were up with her several times a night, and constantly exhausted. Nap times weren’t structured and our daughter struggled greatly staying asleep. Being able to put her in her crib awake, and knowing she’s able to put herself asleep has been an amazing improvement in our lives.

– April’s parents


Sleep coaching our son was the best challenge we’ve undertaken. Our situation is not unique, but it was not without its extraordinary challenges. Leon was not a quick study. A most curious boy who hit his milestones early and happily explores his environment independently, it took many days/nights of dedicated coaching to finally make a lasting impact on Leon’s sleep habits. After 28 long days with many ups and downs, we are proud to say Leon has made gigantic strides as far as bedtime. He happily tucks in around 7 pm and sleeps 10-12 hours through the night. Naps still vary from day to day, but he has come a long way in his day time sleep also. I would confidently recommend Sleep Haven for any family looking for a better nights (and days) sleep!

– Sheila, mom to 6-month-old son


We really appreciated Margot’s knowledge, expertise and support, she made us feel more and more confident that there was more sleep at the end of the tunnel, every step of the way!! It’s so great to have a more predictable schedule that included a few hours nap throughout the day and only one waking at night! Thank you for everything Margot!

– Gina and Roger, parents to 6-month-old son


Our three-year-old son is a great sleeper, once in bed. But getting him into bed had become a big issue leading to major meltdowns on an almost nightly basis. Margot helped us recognize some of the contributing factors to these meltdowns and once we adapted and changed our bedtime routine, our son began going to bed with less resistance. Even though it’s been a challenging journey, our son is now going to bed much earlier than before, is getting better quality sleep and his behaviour has improved as a result.

– Parents to 3-year-old Matteus


Jack went from 30 minute naps to 1.5 hour naps and from night waking every 3 hours to sleeping 10- 11 hour stretches. We are very relieved!

– Parents to 8-month-old Jack


I am sitting in my kitchen enjoying coffee and breakfast. I reflect back to two months ago and I did not even think having a moment without worrying when ace would wake up would be possible. Even as I put him in his crib, wide awake, I thought back and I can’t believe how far we have come. You can read all the sleep books In the world, but Margot really added the backup support needed to guide us through helping Ace sleep. We are so thankful for the help she provided. We went from months of being up every hour, then co-sleeping to try to get even an hour sleep. It was not only hard on us as parents, but Ace wasn’t getting the restorative sleep he needed. We went from rocking him to bed every nap and bedtime, to putting him to sleep awake and happy. He has longer naps and great sleeps. We have time to visit at night and it has helped us reconnect. I would not hesitate to use Sleephaven again, if needed. I would also not hesitate to recommend Margot and her services.

– Ace’s mom


In less than a week we went from co-sleeping and multiple night wakings to 100% crib sleeping, 3 naps a day, and 1 or 2 night wakings! We couldn’t believe it! I am very confident in saying that I don’t think we could have got to this point on our own, at least anytime in the near future. We finally got our sleep back, our evenings back, and are a happier family for it!

– Happy parents to 6-month-old, Callum


We are very happy we ended up using Margot’s services! The suggestions and tips she provided have greatly benefited my family, and have resulted in a much more restful and happy household when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep! My husband and I now have many tools and strategies we can use to encourage our daughter’s healthy sleep habits and set her up for success.

– Parents to 18-month-old Halle


We went from having a baby who had to be held for all naps and cosleeping at night to a champ sleeper. Margot gave us the confidence to know what to do that would work for our family.

– Evelyn’s Mom


We hired Margot after struggling with my son’s sleep for the better part of his first year of life. I was going back to work soon and couldn’t bear having to get up multiple times a night. Margot provided consistent support and coaching and the tools we needed to get our son’s sleep on the right track. He is now sleeping through the nights and naps are no longer a battle. Margot also helped us through the process of weaning our son from his dependence on his soother and introduced other ways of self-soothing that he continues to use.

– Parents to 6-month-old Benjamin


I could not be any happier with our results from Margot. It literally changed our life. Margot makes the process super easy and smooth. I would recommend her services to anyone.

– 19-month-old Mason and his Mom


Working with Margot (Sleephaven) was the best decision we have ever made. Kaynee went from having to be nursed and/or rocked to sleep to falling asleep on her own. She used to be awake multiple times per night and now she sleeps beautifully straight through the night, every night! My family’s lives have been forever changed as we are all well rested and happier! The approach was customized to suit the needs of our family and it went smooth. My only regret is not calling Margot sooner!!!

– Parents to 18-month-old Kaynee


Before meeting Margot our little boy was taking multiple naps in a day… and at night he was waking up every two hours and sometimes more! We were so tired and grumpy in the morning and some days we felt like we didn’t even sleep at night. After meeting Margot our baby takes 2 solid naps, has a schedule so I know when I need to go back home for the nap and sleeps 10-12 hours at night in one stretch! We are all well rested and my husband and I get quality time every night and no one is grumpy anymore! Thanks Margot!

– Sayema and Rayees, parents to 10-month-old son


Our baby was 6 weeks premature, so there were a lot of hurdles after bringing him home from the hospital. He was 6 months adjusted age when we contacted Margot because he was waking up every 1 -2 hours overnight …. By day two of sleep training, he slept 12 hours overnight. We couldn’t believe it! Margot has completely changed our lives and we couldn’t be more thankful for her services. She was prompt with support and advice and that’s what I needed the most. We now know what to do when we experience any sleep hiccups or change anything in our baby’s routine.

– Leonardo’s mom


Before meeting Margot our little boy was taking multiple naps in a day but the length of the naps were max 20 mins and he had no schedule at all, at night he was waking up every two hours and sometimes more! We were so tired and grumpy in the morning and some days we felt like we didn’t even sleep at night. After meeting Margot our baby takes 2 solid naps, has a schedule so I know when I need to go back home for the nap and sleeps 10-12 hours at night in one stretch! We are all well rested and my husband and I get quality time every night and no one is grumpy anymore! Thanks Margot!

– 6-month-old Ahmad’s parents


Margot’s Sleephaven services have done wonders for our family. The children have gone from waking up several times a night to sleeping through on their own most nights, without having to feel like we are abandoning them to cry themselves to sleep. Margot’s gentle, yet effective approach has given my husband and I more “down time” in the evenings and our 3 year old wakes up feeling much happier in the mornings. What surprised me most was how quickly her methods worked and how much our children enjoy having the structure. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to any families with young children who need help sleeping through the night!

– Katherine and Tim


We had such a wonderful experience with Margot from Sleephaven! At 15 months our daughter was co-sleeping and still nursing throughout the night, I wasn’t even able to leave the bed without her crying for me! To be honest, I wasn’t sure if anything else would work as I felt we tried everything already. After meeting and working with Margot, we saw an immediate difference! Our daughter now sleeps in her crib for naps and bedtime, she sleeps through the night for 12 hours, alone! Amazing! I never thought I would have my sanity back! Thank you, Margot, you are a life saver! Highly recommend, best money we have ever spent!

– Mila’s mom


Margot was very helpful and a life saver to get mom and dad the much needed rest. The sleep consultation was by far the best money we have ever spent in regards to our daughter. I would recommend Margots sleep consultation to anyone.

– Parents to 7-month-old Kailey


Before sleep coaching, I had four issues with my baby’s sleeping: I nursed him to sleep, he was co-sleeping, wasn’t sleeping through the night and his naps were inconsistent. After coaching, he can fall asleep when we put him down drowsy, he’s in his crib/ playpen on holidays, he sleeps 12-13 hours straight and has two naps a day for 2.5-3 hours!

It really has changed our lives and helped two tired parents get some sleep and feel a lot more normal!

– Parents to 7-month-old Ben


When we called Margot our son would only sleep in his car seat while driving or in the stroller for naps and he had to be BF or rocked to sleep at night. During the night he was waking up numerous times and I always BF him back to sleep, but sometimes he would wake a half an hour later. We met with Margot and set up a sleep plan that we felt comfortable with, and within a few weeks our son was going to sleep at night and for naps all by himself. The night wakings and early morning wakings definitely took longer to solve, and more consistency, but eventually those improved as well. Our son now naps twice a day all on his own and goes to bed by himself and sleeps thru the night most nights. It was definitely a great decision and now our son is a good sleeper!

– Parents to 8-month-old Jake


Margot is a very professional and knowledgeable sleep coach consultant. She helped our family through the whole sleep coaching process in a very simple and effective manner. When we had any questions, or concerns, Margot was very prompt in responding to us. We struggled a lot to help our baby sleep before meeting with Margot. Now, thanks to Margot, our little angle is able to sleep well through the night, and she naps well too. We would highly recommend Margot to any parent who wants to learn how to effectively coach their little angle to sleep.

– Azmina and Aly, parents to 6-month-old daughter


At 7 months old, our daughter was barely sleeping with frequent wakings throughout the day and night. She wasn’t able to soothe herself and being new parents we had no idea what to do. Thankfully we met with Margot, and she addressed simple changes that we would have never thought off. It wasn’t easy, as our little one is very determined but having the regular support reinforced what and why we were doing this. She now sleeps better than she ever has and we finally feel like we can function that much more with the extra sleep.

– Abigail’s parents


Very happy with experience. Best money I have spent.
Thank you so much for your help!!!

– Parents to 7-month-old Ryker


ehMargot helped us get through the hardest process ever…Getting our children to sleep through the night. It was an easy transition and getting our kids to sleep unassisted (Sleeping in bed) instead of the cold turkey method we were able to transition the kids without putting stress on them or us. We have learned a tremendous amount about keeping kids on schedule and we really haven’t to have to change our lifestyle to get them in a good routine.

– Adam and Desiree, parents to 3-year-old daughter


Thank you again for helping our [daughter] achieve such success with her sleep skills. She is still doing amazing and has been successful on holidays and has even successfully slept at Grandma and Grandpa’s 3 times. We couldn’t have been happier with your service, professionalism and problem solving skills. With [our baby] on the same schedule (7:15-7/8) we have taken back the night!

– Parents to spirited 3-year-old


tsThe plan that Margot developed for us was gentle, effective and helped us achieve our goals. We would recommend Margot to any parent whose is struggling with sleep. After 3 years of struggling, we’re now all getting the sleep we need. We wish we would have contacted Margot sooner!

– Parents to 3-year-old Thea


ltI would, and have highly recommended the help of a sleep consultant to anyone struggling with their child’s sleep habits. It is remarkable how quickly Margot was able to pin point some of the areas that were contributing to our issues with consolidated night time sleep, resistance to bedtime, and extremely early wake up times. After struggling for several months and trying various things on our own, Margot was able provide suggestions and tools that drastically improved our toddler’s sleep within one week of working with her. Margot took the time to get a detailed history and ask questions during our in-home consultation. Margot not only provided valuable suggestions and tweaks to our routine, but also had suggestions for other areas we may wish to investigate (medical, sensory etc.). I feel Margot’s occupational therapy background allowed her to use a holistic approach to a problem that seemed more complex than simply teaching our son how to self sooth (he already knew how to put himself to sleep very easily). I would never hesitate to use Sleephaven in the future. A well rested child makes for a happy family and is well worth the cost. My only regret is not seeking help sooner.

– Nadia and Chris, Lachlan’s parents


What I appreciated about Margot the most with our sleep coaching was that she really tried to give pointers and suggestions that fit our parenting and life style. That was something that books can’t do! With the questionnaire, she had a great sense of our child and our family life which gave her the advantage to creating a personalized plan for us.

– Cassie and Fraser, parents to 6-month-old son


egI wish we hired Margot a few months (or a few children) ago! It was worth every cent of the money we spent to have success getting our son to sleep on his own, and through the night! Both my son and I were suffering from server sleep deprivation and Margot saved us both and helped us function normally again. I am so glad we choose to work with Margot.

– Parents to 10-month-old Ezra


I never thought our little guy would ever sleep more than a 2 hour stretch, much less through the night. Everything we had tried did not work. After 10 months, we were all pretty desperate for a change. After a few weeks, our son now sleeps through the night and we couldn’t be happier (or more rested!). Thank you, Margot, for your expertise and support. We couldn’t have done it without you!

– 10-month-old Harvey’s parents


It was very nice to sit down with Margot and make a game plan about how to tackle our childs specific sleeping needs. Every child is different and requires another approach. We were so tired of all the well meant but bad “advice” we were given by different people because it just didn’t work for our daughter. The most important thing is to stick with the plan you all agreed too! It really works, not instantaneous but within a week our baby girl (13 months old) woke up only once a night, instead of 3-4 times. We used the coaching technique, and a couple days later she slept through the entire night. It felt sooo wonderful to be able to sleep, all night long! Now there are 6 months past and she goes to sleep with a simple “good night” and wakes up 11-12 hours later. This is such a gift, for everyone.

– Parents to 13-month-old Victoria


lkrAfter 6 months of very little sleep we are now blessed with a great sleeper after a few short weeks! We would recommend Margot to anyone who is struggling with their child’s sleep.

– Parents to 6-month-old Livy


Some kids are more difficult than others when it comes to sleep training, but Margot’s gentle techniques have helped us through the rough times. She is very easy to talk to and offers amazing advice.

– Lindsey, mom to spirited 14-month-old


agSleep coaching with Margot was a game changer for us. We were given a detailed plan with easy to follow steps and Margot was there every step of the way to answer any questions or provide recommendations for any issues that arose along the way. Because of the sleep coaching, my husband and I were able to get our evenings back and our daughter was able to get the sleep she needed, resulting in a much happier family all around.

– Amelia’s parents


Sleep coaching isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely an experience worth looking into. Our household is getting more sleep and my spouse and I have more time together in the evening. Our daughter can sleep alone in her crib for naps and during the night. She’s also learned to sleep in unfamiliar “bedrooms” including our RV which has made camping much more enjoyable for everyone.

– Megan, mom to 6-month-old daughter


hmI would recommend Sleephaven to anyone. It changed our lives and helped our little guy sleep which is so important for growth and development. We were able to use a gentle approach and felt comfortable every step of the way. The accountability you feel to your sleep consultant assisted us with following through with the training and ensuring we were doing the right things at the right time.

– Parents to 10-month-old Holden


Margot with Sleephaven was a true blessing to our family! Our 8 month son was had been co-sleeping with us, and needed to be either nursed or carried to fall asleep. It was time to transition him to his own crib and end the sleep crutches! We were too overwhelmed to do this on our own, and we’re thankful we had Margot’s guidance. She was very professional, patient, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Within a few weeks, there was great improvement. After 1 month, our son doesn’t need support to fall asleep, and seems to enjoy sleeping in his crib. Thanks Margot!

– Melanie and Corey, parents to 9-month-old son


SWI must admit, I was somewhat hesitant to hire a sleep consultant and I had read several of the testimonials on Sleep haven’s website before I made the decision and I found some of the testimonials hard to believe. But here I am writing a testimonial and I would recommend Sleep Haven to any family who is struggling with sleep issues. Almost immediately our quality of life improved as a family. My baby liked to be rocked and driven to sleep. It was getting so bad that I was driving an average of about 3 hours a day to get her to sleep, usually an hour during the day for naps and then 2 to 3 hours at night to keep her sleeping. Our now 7 month old is a great sleeper. She still has some off nights but overall she is doing great and sleeping an average of 11 to 12 hours a night and an average of about 3.5 hours a day in naps. I know there will still be off nights but now I know we have a great foundation to rely on. I am so happy to have our life back as a happy functioning family instead of revolving around sleep deprivation.

– Aubrey and Ryan, parents to 7-month-old daughter


OBAfter 6 1/2 months of sleepless nights, and being up every hour with Olivia, we felt completely helpless, and had no idea what to do. In our very sleep deprived state we were certain that she would never sleep through the night! After only a night or two of Margot helping us through the program we knew right away that it was the right thing to do as we already were seeing huge improvements! It only took 2 weeks for her to go from waking up every hour, to completely sleeping through the night! I would recommend Margot to anybody who is needing help getting their little ones to sleep, she was absolutely amazing!

– Parents to 6-month-old Olivia


DMWWorking with Sleephaven has changed our lives. We went from being up 8 plus times a night with our twins to once. We have a predictable routine that has given our sanity back!

– Adelle and Victor, parents to busy 6-month twins


AWWe were pleased with Margot’s service, and how well her suggestions were adaptable to our specific situation, including the varying wake up times to accommodate our varying schedule, continuation of breastfeeding, kids sharing a bedroom, and the gentle method that didn’t leave our daughter to cry on her own. My husband joked that she’s like the Dog Whisperer, she’s training adults not kids. The truth is that as long as we were, and remain, consistent with our approach, we have great success with my daughters sleep habits. I don’t find that they are ingrained yet (as the moment we relent she regresses), but we’ve seen big improvements and Mom and Dad have seen more and better sleep. Overall I would recommend Margot, and my only regret is not seeing her sooner!

– Emma and Bill, parents to 13-month-old daughter


EFLMany books, and of course, advice from caring friends and family had left us frazzled as we attempted to assist our daughter to learn how to fall asleep … and stay asleep. Margot’s analysis of our situation made for a few tweaks and, in short order, we had a good sleeper. It gave us back the evening hours that we had missed enjoying together as a couple for 10 months or so. We now have a system to fall back on if conditions change with sleeping patterns and/ or our day-to-day routines. This gives us confidence to try new situations/ experiences. Go for it!

– Owen, father to 11-month-old daughter


CSNAfter 6 kids you’d think a person would know what they’re doing. But two years of terrible sleep had us fresh out of good ideas! Our little firecracker Charlotte just wouldn’t sleep. She was up ever hour for months, and it was killing us! From the very first phone conversation Margot set the changes in motion. In fact, with just a few simple suggestions, Lotte’s sleep improved dramatically. Margot knows kids and sleep! Her advice was straightforward and gentle. There wasn’t a lot of crying, and before we knew it, Charlotte, and the whole family, was getting a full night’s sleep.

Margot has a soothing voice and calm demeanour which made working with her so lovely. She’s sensitive and kind, but always focused on the goal of a great night’s sleep. I highly recommend her!

– Mom to Charlotte, a 30-month-old dynamo


HKWe couldn’t have been happier with Margot’s sleep coaching services! Our little girl had just passed her first birthday and was still waking more than we would have liked during the night, not sleeping in her crib and not able to sleep without being snuggled right up next to mum. I had heard the experiences of several other families with preschoolers who were still having an assortment of sleep issues and did not want to end up in the same boat. We had made a few attempts at sleep coaching her ourselves prior to calling on Margot for help but not with much success. One of the problems that my partner and I had run into were differences on how we wanted to approach the problem. With Margot’s help we were able to take the guesswork out of the process and with an expert coaching us along we didn’t have to argue with each other about the right or wrong way to do things. The only regret we have is that we didn’t do it sooner!

– Parents to 13-month-old Hanne


A-&-AWe are very happy that our two children are sleeping on their own. Everyone sleeps better and are much happier!

– Sonya, mom to 2 sound sleepers

OHoUsing Sleep Haven was a great experience for us, our 7 month old was still waking several times in the night and we didn’t know why. Margot helped us to understand how important napping and early bedtimes is. Our now 9 month still wakes in the night but has learned to put himself back to sleep mostly after only minutes of sleep disruption. Before Sleep Haven he was never able to do this. It was a lot of hard work and patience on our part but we see progress in his sleep weekly and are hoping for a full nights sleep soon, we know it’s not too far off.

– Beth and Todd, parents to 7-month-old


PHHiring Margot was the best decision that my husband and I could have made. For 7 months my daughter would only sleep in my arms! We tried everything we knew to help her to sleep, every different swaddle, white noise, night light, no night light, soother, co-sleeping, cry-it-out, mattress on the floor of her room, driving around aimlessly when she did fall asleep in the car, seriously, we did it all. Within 2 weeks of meeting with Margot, we had our girl napping twice a day in her crib and falling asleep on her own, only waking once for a night time feed. When we were ready to drop the feed a few months later, Margot was willing to provide advice and support of how to do that as well. She was very supportive throughout the whole process providing numerous follow-up calls to answer questions and help with set-backs. Her methods are gentle and we knew we were making the right decision, not only for our family, but especially for our daughter who desperately needed sleep as well. I highly recommend Sleep Haven to all the mamas and papas out there who are struggling with sleep issues.

– Stephanie and Nate, parents to 8-month-old daughter


FAWe had tried sleep coaching Felix on our own first, but we had so many questions and nobody to answer them! Margot was able to help us come up with a plan and we now had someone to answer all of our questions! She was very friendly and always answered our questions quickly. Felix is now sleeping in his crib for all his naps and 12 hours a night in his crib. Thanks Margot!

– Carmen and Logan, parents to 7-month little sleeper


DSI am so pleased that I chose to hire Margot from Sleep Haven. As an OT she brings medical understanding in addition to her sleep coaching knowledge. Margot listened to my concerns and helped to alleviate them through her thorough understanding of sleep science as well as child development. She was receptive to our specific needs and provided an individualized solution that worked for our unique situation. Margot’s follow up support calls helped us to stay on track and our sleep logs really evidenced the steady improvement. Our previously co-sleeping, nurse to sleep, up 6x/night baby was sleeping in his own room, going to sleep by himself, and sleeping for 11 hours at night, and naps have improved drastically as well. Margot is worth it and the quality of life for all of us has gone up exponentially!

– Neveya, mom to 16-month-old son.


MNMy baby was having very restless sleep at night and was randomly waking up for 2 or more hours some nights. I was a few months from having to return to work and decided to call Margot. Margot was so helpful and professional and very thorough in her explanations. The first 3 days were hard but we were amazed at what our baby could do when given the chance and support from us. He has slept through the night from the very first night we started training. I would highly recommend Margot to any parent whose child is not sleeping well. I believe that the ability to fall asleep on his own is a priceless gift for my child.

– Erin, mom to 12-month-old son


CDFor any parent who dreams about getting a good night’s sleep for themselves and their child I highly recommend Margot and Sleephaven. The sleep coaching that we received from Margot was amazing, effective and gentle. The transitions with us slowly moving out of his room, made it easy on everyone. Our son finally sleeps through the night and so do we. After reading books and watching videos and taking hundreds of “suggestions” from friends and family about how to help get our toddler to sleep, he still wasn’t sleeping. He was up with us until 10 or 11pm, then waking several times a night and up at the crack of dawn. As parents working full time, we were exhausted and losing hope that we would ever sleep again. Margot was receptive, helpful, non-judgmental and totally on point with all the coaching. Getting a good night’s sleep has been life changing, for all of us. We cannot thank Margot enough.

– Parents to 2-year-old Caiden


CLBefore going through the program I would spend 2-3 hours a night fighting with my daughter to get her to go to sleep. She was also waking up several times a night which led to co-sleeping and [she] hated naptime. She was constantly tired and difficult to deal with (not to mention how tired my husband and I were). After completing the program our lives changed completely. I do not stress over bedtime/naptime anymore because I know my daughter is going to sleep and my husband and I have our evenings back. We are a much happier and well rested family, now and to me that is priceless.

– Cheryl and Andy, parents to 2-year-old sleep champion


KSOur little guy was still waking up 2–4 times a night at a year old. We were desperate for help with his poor sleep habits. Margot was very professional and really worked with us to develop a personalized plan to suit our family. We learned so much from her and feel we have the tools to sustain good sleep habits for all members of our family.

– Allison and Curtis, parents to a now-rested 1 year old


API had always thought sleep coaching would be putting the baby down shutting the door and walking away. I didn’t want to do that, but I had tried and been inconsistent in trying to get our daughter to sleep on her own. We got referred to Margot and decided it was time to make some adjustments. The first few nights were sad as we were changing Addison’s whole sleep area but little by little she figured it out. We just kept saying how impressed we were at how well she was progressing. Two weeks in we went on a vacation but with the skills we had all learned were able to keep things consistent with a few small tweeks. Margot was such a great resource and we know if there’s anything we need help with in the future she will be there to help!

– Katelyn and Tyler, parents to 9-month-old daughter


IMG_2042We were desperate for sleep when we contacted Margot. Our son was not sleeping on his own and we were co-sleeping but even then that was beginning not to work. We were at our wits end! We decided to call Margot and see if she could help us. Upon meeting us she helped us recognize areas where we could improve our son’s room and sleep area. With her training, support and a lot of hard work on our part our son made huge gains in learning to sleep! It was a tough road but Margot was reassuring that our son could learn the necessary skills for sleep. We are now able to brag to our friends and other people that our son has these amazing skills of sleep. Even relatives who spent time at our house pre and post sleep training were amazed at how much better our son was sleeping. We are so grateful for the skills we have all learned and it was money well spent! I would not hesitate to use Sleephaven.

– Nicole and Mike, parents to 12-month-old son


Having someone support you through the process with as much knowledge and experience as Margot is priceless. Sleep training is not easy and without Margot, we might have given up. We now all sleep through the night and we have the skills to make adjustments if needed.

– Parents to 7-month-old daughter


ESWe found Margot to be a tremendous help. We had tried sleep training on our own with our 7-month-old daughter and while we had some moderate success we were still waking up 5 or 6 times a night and having a lot of trouble putting her down for naps and bedtime. Margot gave us the additional information we needed to make her sleep drastically improve. In addition having a sleep coach to speak with every day gave me enough confidence to stick with the plan in order to see improvement after only a few days. These daily talks also allowed me to work out any kinks and make a few slight modifications from how I had done things the day before. Our daughter now drops off within 5 minutes of being put down and sleeps through the night like a champ.

– Kelly and Russel, parents to 8-month-old daughter


maYour sleep coaching has been a life saver! We can now rest and know that our son is on the right track to learn this very important life skill. Your assessment was very thorough and I loved the follow up calls; just the right amount of frequency and duration. Thank you!

– Parents to 7-month-old “sleep champion”


LFOur son has never slept well. In two and half years, we could count the number of times he slept through the night on one hand. He was a demanding baby and over time we developed a habit of giving in to our son’s need to be near us in order to sleep. Margot provided us with the right tools and a lot of support, allowing us to become successful at implementing a sleep strategy that worked for us. Within 2 weeks, slowly and steadily, our son’s night time awakenings were reduced to none. Not every night is perfect, but we are confident in being able to get back on track, when required. Everyone is in a much happier place! Thank-you so much!!

– Alexis, mom to 2.5-year-old son


I was very impressed that Margot offered great and helpful advice to us in our first initial call, even though we hadn’t paid for any services yet. I appreciated that the information provided was scientific and clear. The plan that was developed was tailored to our situation and our family and I especially appreciated that Margot supported my request that I wanted to continue some night feedings with my daughter for a few more months. The plan developed for us accommodated and supported our needs.

– Parents to 7-month-old Leela


Prior to starting sleep training with Margot, our son had to be rocked to sleep and was waking up 2-3 times a night. It was to the point that one of us ended up sleeping in his room. The sleep coaching was not without tears and some hiccups along the way but our son is now able to put himself to bed and stay asleep throughout the night. We now feel empowered to use the strategies to get back to routine when it’s thrown off for various reasons such as travel.

– Parents to 18-month-old Kai


KY-&-PYWorking with Margot was easy and the results speak for themselves… everyone sleeps!

– Jason, father to two lively daughters (17 months and 3 years old)


JSMargot changed out lives! Our son had terrible sleeping patterns and with Margot’s help and support we have an amazing sleeper now. At times we still have rough moments and Margot is always there to help. I have referred her to many people!!!

– Jacob’s mom, Isabel


SPMargot was very professional and encouraging. We had done a lot of reading and adjusting of our daughter’s and our routines, then we talked with Margot and she solidified what we had and should be doing to get to a healthy bed time and sleeping routines. We feel very confident going forward with other obstacles we may face with sleep and know Margot is always reachable for consult. Her background as a Occupational therapist was important to us in seeking help from a professional and for the advantage of her services being covered by our healthcare plan.

– Jessica and Andrew, parents to 16-month-old daughter


EGI am so glad we chose to sleep coach with Margot, she developed a clear plan that addressed all aspects of the sleep situation from the beginning (timing, environment, nursing, daycare etc.) and I think we achieved results much quicker than we would have done without her help. There was really very little crying and it has been a joy to see our son get excited about bedtime as well as an immense relief to get a full night’s sleep almost every night. We are a happier family now.

– Jessica and Dale, parents to 15-month-old son


BraxtonBraxton was impossible when it came to night time sleep and naps, and slept with us every night but still woke up every couple hours. Margot was very patient and understanding when we were not comfortable with things and found other ways to help us out. Now he sleeps in his crib and through the night!

– Parents to 10-month-old Braxton


MTMargot was a pleasure to have in our home guiding us to better sleep. She was professional, gentle, organized and informed. Our 9 month old was sleeping better and longer within 3 days! I can’t thank Margot enough for getting us on the right track to a good night’s sleep!

– Lisa and Jason, parents to 9-month-old daughter


Our 14-month-old son was a turbulent sleeper from 5 months on. He was waking almost every hour and not falling asleep without being nursed. As parents we knew this was a very bad habit, but it just sort-of snuck up on us. No one was sleeping much and bed time was such a struggle. We had tried several methods of getting him to sleep for longer spurts, with varying degrees of success, but everything always reverted to unrestful nights and we felt a bit like failures that we couldn’t get our kid to sleep. Naps were exclusively done in the stroller or carrier. It was obvious he was tired all the time – putting his head down on everything, very short attention span and very quick to outbursts. After contacting Margot, she stressed the importance of a sleep routine and how kids his age should sleep ~14-15 hrs a day! And you know what? When he started sleeping those hours, he is like Super Kid! Happy, agreeable, picking up skills and words left and right, and going to bed happy and cooperative, even for naps. It is amazing the difference good sleep makes. In my opinion, if you are feeling like your baby’s sleep could be better, it can, and you should not wait and contact Sleep Haven and change your nightlife!

– Paulina and Adam, parents to 16-month-old son


AJOur family highly recommends Margot from Sleephaven. I was a skeptic at first and kept postponing calling her. I thought we would figure it out on our own. When our daughter was 11 months old and still waking up every 60-90 minutes and struggling to put herself back to sleep, we made the call. It was the best decision/investment ever. Margot helped us transition our daughter out of our bed and into her crib and gave us the tools and support to teach our daughter how to fall asleep on her own. She now has a consistent sleep schedule and regularly sleeps through the night.

– Parents to 12-month-old Annika


NTNixon was a terrible sleeper from the day he was born. Before we contacted Margot he had slept completely through the night less than 10 times (and he was 11 months old when we called Margot). I was so sleep deprived and it was taking its toll. Plus, I was due back to work soon and really needed sleep. Margot was amazing to work with and after only 2 nights of following her instructions, Nixon slept through the night and has continued to do so. We are grateful!

– Natasha, mom to 11-month-old son


We are incredibly grateful for the work Margot did with us. When I first called her, she gave me a small piece of advice without any indication that I would follow through with her paid services. What she suggested worked so well, my husband and I wanted to grow and improve our daughter’s sleep habits in ways we were not knowledgeable or experienced enough to do alone. Margot tailored her package for us and provided us with incredibly thorough information and suggestions. Our daughter has gone from falling asleep late in the evenings with frequent night wakings and infrequent naps to going to sleep quietly, falling asleep at an appropriate time, sleeping through the night again, and waiting in the mornings for her light to go on which indicates she can call for us. We had weeks on end where our daughter would be irritable and easily frustrated or upset. Having this support has helped us reassess her sleepy cues, tailor her night time routine to meet her needs for that night, taught us how and when to cut back on the length of the night routine, encouraged and collaborated with us on how to support our daughter’s sleep in times of illness and change. Isla has had an incredible improvement in her sleep now that she is getting the rest she needs to function well. Margot’s service helped us teach her how to be alone so she could fall asleep and be her best self throughout the day.

– Parents to almost-3-year-old Isla


Having Margot help us get our son sleeping was the best use of time and money. My son went from waking ALL night long, every night of his life to sleeping soundly every night and napping every day. We’d struggled with this for a year and a half, and one week of using Margot’s techniques completely solved our sleep problems. I would without hesitation encourage anyone who thinks that maybe sleep could be improved to phone Margot immediately. It’s not worth waiting and hoping that things will turn around!

– Kelley, mom to 17-month-old Erik


Margot has changed our life. To those parents who struggle with having their child protest while they learn these [new sleep] skills, I would tell them that my biggest learning as a parent so far is that it can sometimes feel bad for parents emotionally to do what’s best for our children – but just because it feels upsetting doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. In this case it was the best thing for our family and our son – he learned a skill and he is now a total champ when it comes to sleep. It wasn’t wrong to teach him this skill – it was giving him the credit he deserved and making his life easier. It was respectful of his ability to learn and thrive.

– Parents of 9-month-old son


“Our family spent 9 months not sleeping after our little one arrived. We were exhausted, frustrated and extremely discouraged. We had tried everything. We contacted Margot and within a month from that initial contact our little one was sleeping through the night and having two solid naps a day. Although the information and the advice Margot provided was not revolutionary, the support she provided was. It was this support that allowed us to work together as a family and consistently provide our son with opportunities to learn how to sleep. The result is that we are now a well-rested and happy family with the foundation to be able to establish good sleeping habits should future issues (or future family members) arrive.”

– Tamara and John, parents to 9-month-old son


DH“Thank you, Margot, for teaching my daughter Dalia how to sleep and putting her on a fantastic schedule! I wish I would have used you earlier. Our whole family was not sleeping and fighting on how to manage our horrible little sleeper that relied on breastfeeding to fall asleep. She was stubborn and did not want to be left in her crib, she fought every nap and woke up multiple times at night. I always knew she could learn to sleep but every way we tried on our own seemed not to work long term. I felt guilty involving a “sleep trainer” as a second-time mom thinking “what is wrong this time?” but now wish i did it earlier!! Dalia now has no problems falling asleep and sleeping 11-12 hours a night! I recommend this to anyone who is not getting sleep and not getting anywhere with their own sleep training. Kids can sleep through the night – don’t let anyone tell you they shouldn’t if they’re healthy! Thanks so much, Margot!! You have been a lifesaver!”

– Angelika, mom to 10-month-old daughter


SY“I am so happy with Sleep Haven! Margot’s experience as an OT was so helpful with our daughter, we were able to move through a few sleep hurdles with ease due to her guidance, which helped us empower our daughter to self-soothe. We went from having thirty-minute, non-rejuvenating naps to regularly having 1-hour plus naps!! Our daughter still needs 1 night feeding but we don’t have to get up every time her soother falls out. We should have done sleep training sooner, but better later than never!”

– Tricia and Brian, parents to 8-month-old daughter


rr“It is possible for your baby’s sleep to change. That’s what I needed to hear because I thought my son was just a bad sleeper and I was left to struggle through sleep deprivation. At 8 months Rhys was irritable, unpredictable, uninterested in eating solids, needed to breastfeed every 2.5 hours, sick and had been for 2 months, and still sleeping in our bedroom. I had created a daily routine of being out of the house for half or more of the day because it was the only way I could get a break. Rhys would sleep for good stretches of time in the truck as I beetled all over town running errands and visiting people. Our schedule was different every day. The best part about Margot’s sleep renovation is that I feel like I know my baby better. I understand his cues for sleeping and eating. I can tell what he needs when he cries, or when he doesn’t need anything at all. Rhys has been thriving since making the change a month ago. And it only took a week before he wanted solid food. I am thrilled at the changes and ready to take on the challenges in creating consistency for Rhys so he can continue to gain confidence in putting himself to sleep. Thank you Margot!”

– Alison, mom to 8-month-old son


Ryker“Being in the non-profit family resource world, you go into parenthood thinking that you have seen all the mistakes parents make and you for sure will not make them yourself. Then 18 months after my little guy was born, and he was still getting up every few hours and needing myself and a bottle to fall asleep again I finally had to step back and see that I needed some help in breaking the bad habits I had created. My pediatrician recommended Sleephaven and I called right away. Margot responded to my call within 24 hours and offered phone support right away. Upon our first meeting I was apprehensive as I did not know what to expect or if I would be frowned on for the habits I created. Margot came into my home with such positive energy and a calming presence that right away my worries were put at ease. She reassured myself that this was not just a “me” issue and that she would work with my family to establish a sleeping plan that we all felt comfortable with. I had tried the crying it out method (my son would vomit uncontrollable), as well as the pickup then put right back down when calm method (this just made him mad!). Margot’s method and plan not only had my son sleeping on his own and for 10-11 hours straight at night within a week but also off the bottle within 3 days of starting the program! (Another battle I was losing!). I would highly recommend Sleephaven to anyone and everyone, it truly is a program that can transform to you and your family’s emotional needs.”

– Bryna, mom to 18-month-old son


elijah“My husband and I were open to the idea of a sleep consultant before we even had our son. We have friends that have enlisted the help of a sleep consultant and saw dramatic improvements in their children’s sleep. Our son was a relatively good sleeper for the first couple of months but then would wake frequently in the night and not sleep as well during the day, starting from around four months. He would have some good nights and days and then everything would go downhill again. We felt that we were doing a lot right, but needed some help in tweaking things. By the time our son was 10 months old, we were completely exhausted and thought it was time to hire our own sleep consultant. Enter Margot Byer. Margot came to our home and after our consultation I was a little apprehensive to begin, as any change can be a scary thing (even if it is for the better!!). She brought to our attention that our son was being put down too drowsy, and therefore he was not actually putting himself to sleep. After the first night, and a morning phone call from Margot, I felt optimistic that this was going to work! Margot was encouraging, helpful, knowledgeable and a wonderful support. We found the feedback we received from Margot each morning to be invaluable. She addressed any and all of our questions and concerns and made us feel confident and competent in our abilities to help our son gain sleep skills. After a couple of weeks, our son started sleeping 11 to 12 hours each night and was taking (and still does!) two decent naps each day (for a total of around 3 hours of nap time). After working with Margot, our son is able to put himself to sleep and back to sleep during the night and during naps. He has always been a pretty happy baby, but we feel as though he’s even happier, now that he fills his sleep tank each night and day. It’s amazing to see the transformation and a huge relief! We are so thankful we were able to work with Margot and would recommend her to any families struggling with sleep.”

– Ginny and Richard, parents to 10-month-old Elijah


“Sleep coaching from Sleephaven was game changing for our struggles with getting our 2.5-year-old out of her sleep regression slump. It is one thing to read books on what to do, quite another to have instant feedback and advice the next day about how to tackle a particular obstacle and move forward from there. Overall, we found the experience to be highly effective, and the approach flexible and realistic for a busy family. We highly recommend it!”

– Sandra, mom to an inquisitive preschooler!


Ben“Sleep coaching has been amazing for our family! We had read the books and tried some of the techniques, but kept getting stuck when questions arose about how to proceed and troubleshoot different situations. Like many new parents, we were exhausted. Having a trustworthy professional, and an individualized plan with lots of support, was great. Our little guy quickly started sleeping 11 hours straight through the night, with no wake-ups. The naps took a little longer, but trust Margot when she says that they will come (and it actually didn’t take that long). Margot’s expertise and help was absolutely invaluable! We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help getting their little one to sleep better.”

– Christine and John, parents to 9-month-old son


“I would highly recommend Margot to anyone struggling with a child who does not sleep. We had a child who could not put himself to sleep and who would wake up in the night and need a parent to sleep in his room with him. It was causing so much stress in our lives, as sleeping on the floor for over a year had taken its toll. We never thought that we would have a child who was a good sleeper. After going through the sleep training with Margot, we now have a child who truly is a great sleeper. We now say goodnight, leave the room, and don’t hear from our little one until the morning. It has truly changed our lives!”

– Nikole, mom to 2-year-old son


Kenny“I am very grateful for the instruction and helpful advice that Margot provided. My son is now sleeping and napping very well and I can see the difference in him as he seems to be a much more settled baby now that he is getting his much needed sleep. I would recommend Margot to other families as I can say first hand that she has helped us and with her support we all sleep better now. Thank you very much Margot!”

– Thorine, mom to 8-month-old son


oliverisla“We consulted Margot for both of our children (ages 7 months and 2.5 years) for various issues. She provided us with concrete solutions that made a big difference in our everyday experience. As parents there is little more important than sleep in those early months! Thank you Margot!”

– Carla and Ryan


hudson“We contacted Margot in desperate need of help after having 10 sleepless months. Our little man didn’t like to sleep more than 3-4 hours at a time, and needed to be patted on the back to fall asleep, both for nap time and night wakening’s. We had read every sleep book and tip available, we would see progress on and off, but would never make it past the 4 hour sleeping point. Although the techniques we used with Margot were ones that we had previously come across, having her there to guide us through the process and give us reassurance and the confidence to carry one made all of the difference in the world! After about 5 days of the Sleep Haven method he was sleeping from ~6:30 pm to 5:30 am. It took a little extra work and persistence but our now 1 year old sleeps from 7 pm to 6:30 am with predictable naps and we couldn’t be happier!!! Thank you Margot!!!!”

– Brandon and Justin, parents of 10-month-old son


liam2“Liam was waking up very early in the morning prior to us contacting Margot. He was also having a really hard time napping in his own room. We have seen a huge improvement in our son’s sleep since working with Sleephaven. Margot has given us the confidence and tools to tackle Liam’s sleeping challenges. This is not a quick fix solution, but if you and your partner consistently implement the same strategies, then eventually you will begin to see vast improvements. Hang in there… there is light at the end of the dark tunnel.”

– Jennifer and Steven, parents of 2-year-old son


Paige“We would struggle every evening to put our 21-month-old to sleep. We would rock her for hours and eventually give up and co-sleep with her. She would wake up several times thru out the night and our whole family would be sleep deprived. Both my husband and I didn’t believe in letting her “cry it out” and were looking for a more gentle approach. Sleephaven offered exactly what we were looking for. Our daughter now goes to bed at night with a short bedtime routine, and she understands how to put herself to sleep. We all get our sleep quota now, our daughter is excelling at daycare and we now have time for ourselves in the evening instead of spending hours trying to get our little one to sleep at night. Thank you Margot!”

– Amy and Dustin, parents of 21-month-old daughter


Emily“We hired Margot to give us some guidance in sleep training our daughter, Emily. The results were amazing. In two weeks we went from being tired parents with a little 8- month-old girl who wouldn’t go to sleep without feeding and would wake at least 2 times per night, to well rested parents whose daughter slept 12 hours overnight, and had two daily naps. This gave us plenty of time to catch up on chores and spend more time together. Definitely a worthwhile investment!”

– Angie and Dave, parents to 8-month-old Emily


Lily“My husband and I were very happy with the service we received from Margot. As a first time mom I had no idea how to help my daughter fall asleep on her own, let alone stay asleep. I read books, searched on the internet and talked to my friends but nothing was helping. A friend who had amazing results suggested Margot, so I thought I’d try using a professional. Margot was there to talk to us whenever we needed her and helped give us confidence to go on with the next night. Our 12 month old was sleeping through the night in less than a few weeks. Margot also helped us set up a nap schedule and our daughter now sleeps on her own for naps as well! We are so happy we chose to hire Margot!”

– Sarah and Dustin, parents to 10-month-old daughter


sherri“Worry, frustration, desperation, and exhaustion: these are the feelings that we had when thinking about Tegan’s sleep (or lack thereof). Because of her reflux, Tegan only knew how to sleep while being worn in a baby carrier or on/beside someone while bed-sharing. She had almost all the common sleep crutches – soother, nursing, bouncing, rocking (pretty much everything except swings, strollers and car rides). She would only sleep for short stretches (3 hours was a cause for celebration) and these came only after spending fair amounts of time rocking and bouncing her to sleep! We thought this could/would last for years. We were not willing to do the cry-it-out method, but all three of us were getting worn down. Then we met Margot. Margot was a calm, reassuring voice in a very difficult time. She sat down with us (rather than telephone/internet meeting) and helped us developed a game plan (one that we could all get behind). Here are some of the highlights from our experience:

  • Even though there is a book, having a trained expert guide us was essential (Many things Margot asked us to do were counterintuitive to us, but worked like a charm. Had she not been there to coach us on, I’m sure we would have given up before giving the method a chance to work);
  • Margot personalized and made modifications to suit our needs and wishes (My husband was originally skeptic about the odds of success and was worried about the extra tasks that would be added to his already full plate. Margot heard his concerns and made sure the plan addressed those concerns).
  • Margot’s experience as a pediatric occupational therapist was an asset to helping troubleshoot and modify our plan when needed.
  • Margot knows the different personalities of babies well and was able to figure out what would be most successful with our daughter.
  • It was so reassuring to know that there would be a phone call the next morning with Margot to iron out any glitches, get advice, and celebrate even the smallest successes.
  • Margot was very respectful of our wishes to go at a slower pace and helped us do preparatory work/lay the groundwork before embarking on the “real” sleep coaching and shuffle.

In short, we are now all sleeping well thanks to Margot.”

– Sherri and Mark, parents to 7-month-old daughter


allison“The best decision we’ve made was to contact Sleephaven. After struggling with sleep issues with our oldest, we were so upset when our youngest had similar issues. After working with Margot, we went from 5-7 night wakings to one dream feed and bedtime is now a smooth process. It was a challenge but Margot’s support was instrumental to our success.”

– Allison and Tim, parents to 9-month-old son


brooke“Hi mama’s! I just have to share my experience, as I know there are more of you that might struggle with my children’s sleep as I have. I’ve been working with a sleep consultant for the last month and a half, in hopes of getting my daughter to sleep through the night and for me to start to feel human. The sleep consultant, Margot Byer, has been so wonderful to work with! My son didn’t start sleeping through the night until he was 4 and a half (trust me I tried every method and crazy idea out there), and when my baby daughter started struggling to stay asleep through the night, I knew I had to do something. So I came across Margot Byer; she is actually an occupational therapist, therefore, many extended healthcare plans will cover a large portion of her fees! (which may help for some who can’t spare the cost) She gave me a great customized program to implement, as well amazing positive ongoing support and encouragement to get through some of the tough transition. A few weeks later and my daughter is sleeping through the night, napping great, and I’m starting to feel human again!!! I know I’m not the only sleepless mama out there. It’s never too early or too late. Here is her info, check her website, or give her a call! Feel free to message me if you want to know more about my experience.”

– Chantal, mom to 8-month-old Brooke


liam“Before Margot came along I was only sleeping for 4-5 hrs at night total and waking every 2-3 hrs. We thought we had tried everything. Margot taught us how to deal with certain challenges, how to set Liam up for good naps and sleep and how to stick to a daily routine. Now, we are all sleeping much better and are a well-rested, better functioning family. Thank you so much!”

– Dawn, mom to 9-month-old Liam


“Our daughter went from being a pretty good sleeper at four months to getting up four or five times a night at seven months. After meeting with Margot and implementing the changes she suggested, we were shocked at how quickly our daughter started to sleep through the night. Within a few short weeks, she was sleeping through the night and we were all feeling better.”

– Leah, mom to 8-month-old daughter


ella“Margot has helped my daughter and myself 200%. Ella-Grace would only nap in my arms or beside me on the couch and sleep in the bed with me. Sleep training has saved both our sanities. Not only do we both get a peaceful and restful sleep, I have a happier daughter for it. Within a couple weeks, Ella-Grace and I had it almost down pat. Of course there are things we still need to work on, but getting her to sleep in her own room has never been easier. She also has no problem going to sleep at her Grammie’s house in a play pen or even in a different play pen on the road. I couldn’t be happier!!!!”

– Lindsay, mom to 7-month-old Ella-Grace


daniel“Our 18 month old was a horrible sleeper before Margot. He inconsistently napped and wouldn’t go to bed on his own. We were stuck nursing him to sleep and everything we read about nursing to sleep from breastfeeding groups said it was natural and they’d grow out of it. They were very wrong and he wasn’t. Margot was a lifesaver and has completely changed our lives with easy to follow plans. Our son is sleeping a lot more and he’s a much happier child now as a result. Thank you so much Margot. We really appreciate all the help and support you’ve provided us.”

– Michelle and Michael, parents to 18-month-old Daniel


“Sleeping has changed drastically for the better. We were able to get a great nights rest within a few days of sleep training. We had tried a lot of different techniques before being introduced to Sleephaven.”

– Mom to 10-month-old baby girl


“If (our son) stirs or awakens throughout the night, he puts himself back to sleep quickly and without tears.” – Mom to 10-month-old son “As soon as we started to implement the sleep training suggestions we received from Margot things began to improve. Our son was up every 1-2 hours for the first 6 months and once we made the few changes suggested to us the stretches of sleep became longer as he was able to put himself back to sleep. We were all grateful for this. His 2 naptimes greatly improved as well. They are now on schedule and he getting the amount of sleep that he needs at his age.”

– Kirsten, mom to 8-month-old son


“We highly recommend Margot to any family struggling with sleep. It would take us an hour to get Allie to sleep and she would only sleep for 30 minutes at a time for a nap. Now she has the skills to put herself to sleep and is having two 1 ½ hour naps a day.”

– Carmen, mom to 8-month-old Allie


“We tried reading all the books and information we could to find a way to get Rylan to sleep more than 2 hours a stretch at night and to go down for naps longer than 30 minutes. But I was so sleep deprived I couldn’t pick and choose what method would work or what to try next. I just needed someone to sit me down and tell me what to do. That’s exactly what Margot did. She clearly outlined the steps to take to lead us to sleep-filled nights. Within 2 weeks Rylan was out of our bed and sleeping through the night in his crib! It was a tough process put Margot helped us work through the struggles that came up and gave us the tools to handle any hiccups that arise in the future. Thank you Margot for helping us get some much needed sleep!!”

– Mom to 9-month-old Rylan


Hugh“Our lives have really changed for the better after working with you to improve our son Hugh’s sleep habits. Our toddler son was waking up every 2-3 hours, requiring hours of attention through the night, and we had tried so many things to improve his night time sleep without effect. Your customized approach and consideration for Hugh as his own little person was refreshing and made your instructions easy to follow. Now we have a great napper and a great night time sleeper, and every member of the family is in a much better mood! Thanks Margot!!”

– Cindy and Patrick, parents of 17-month-old son


“Sleephaven has restored my sleep. Naveen went from several night wakings and poor napping, to sleeping through the night largely and taking two solid naps a day. The continuous feedback from Margot was excellent.”

– Lee Ann, mom to 8-month-old son


Rylie“We would highly recommend anyone who is struggling with sleep to contact Margot. She has been a lifesaver for us! Before we started with Margot, we were trying to implement strategies that we had read about, but were struggling to make it work for our daughter. We would have to rock, pat, and hold the soother in her mouth to get her to sleep and then we would be walking around on egg shells and whispering to each other all night in hopes that she would stay asleep (which she rarely did!). Margot helped us to teach our daughter to learn to fall asleep on her own. It is a miracle watching her gently work herself to sleep now. What a relief to be able to put her down and know that she will sleep soundly till the morning. And to have a predictable nap schedule! What a dream. Margot was attentive, supportive and great at explaining and modifying the plan. It was an intense couple weeks, but we are so glad we made the decision to call Margot!!”

– Kim and Adam, parents to 7-month-old daughter


“…things have completely turned around in the sleep department for us! The few tips you gave me over the phone worked wonders for us… I wanted to say thank you and that you are simply awesome!”

– Vanessa, mom to 8-month-old daughter


Jameson“Margot worked diligently with our family to encourage a needed change to our sleep patterns. She provided invaluable support during a very difficult learning period and we would not be sleeping as well now without her services.”

– Heather and Michael, parents to 16-month-old son


“My husband and I are so excited that our 21-month-old now naps and sleeps through the night! Margot provided professional, thorough service, while being completely supportive and compassionate with parents under stress from sleep deprivation. I feel much more confident now as a parent. I hear from many mothers that they don’t feel comfortable letting their babies “cry it out”. I didn’t either. I appreciated Margot’s gentle, graded approach to help my baby learn to sleep on her own. My experience was very positive with Margot and I look forward to contacting her in the future if I encounter any further questions or concerns regarding my child’s development.”

– Juleene


“My son is 1 year old – he has suffered from sleep apnea and reflux since birth. These make sleeping very difficult. Margot was able to work with us and get him sleeping better despite his health issues. He now sleeps a sold 11.5-12 hours at night!! We still struggle a bit with naps but overall things are great!”

– Jody


“We began working with Sleephaven after weeks of no sleep with our daughter. We were up all night and only slept for 1-2 hours at a time. Through Sleephaven, we were able to better educate ourselves on how babies sleep and teach Sayda how to put herself to sleep without a sleep crutch. We are all happier and sleeping much better!”

– Kathy, mom to 7-month-old daughter


“My son Joshua was sleeping well – then just before he was 8 months old it just stopped and he would scream for up to 2 hours when I put him down for his naps. I had to revert to helping him fall asleep and even then he would only sleep for about 20 min. With Margot’s help and patience we got Joshua back to putting himself to sleep and he is also sleeping longer. Margot was so easy to work with and provided such positive support – I don’t think I could have done it without her! Margot was able to provide excellent advice and always answered all my questions!! Thanks, Margot for such a positive experience!”

– Pamela


“Working with Margot was a very positive experience for our family. With her expert guidance we were able to develop a plan to meet our sleep goals and with her ongoing support, encouragement and advice we were able to meet and exceed those goals. We are happy we took that first step and contacted Margot, thrilled with our results, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sleephaven to others.”

– Marie, mother to 8-month-old son, Luke


kendall“Our daughter was a pretty good sleeper from the time we first brought her home from the hospital. She would sleep anywhere from 4-6hr stretch at night for us and she was a breast fed baby. Starting at 4 months her night sleeps were ok, however daytime sleep was not very good. When I talked friends or family members they would say well maybe she doesn’t need that much sleep etc, etc. However I knew that this was not the case, I could see she was tired however she was a great sleep fighter and was excellent at masking her sleepy cues. We tried the CIO method’s, but this would make our daughter more upset and it would take longer to calm her down than if I would just hold her to let her fall asleep. I knew that I couldn’t keep up this “Bad Habit” as I would be returning to work and didn’t want this to be the caregiver’s problem. So I found and read “Goodnight sleep tight” by Kim West and tried the process at first on my own. But as the saying goes, every baby is different. I found Margot on Kim’s website and gave her a call. She set us up for success before we began our shuffle, and by the next morning our little girl was falling asleep on her own. Exactly one month later, her morning and afternoon naps are long and very predictable and is sleeping anywhere from 11-13hrs a night for us.”

– Shelley and Corey, parents to 8-month-old Kendall


“Margot’s sleep coaching is a gentle, gradual approach to teach your child sleep skills. If you were like me, who needed more sleep desperately, but absolutely resisted the idea of sleep training due to the widespread approach of “crying it out”, work with Margot. You will likely find sleep without having to let your child “cry it out”.”

– Ranran, mother to 12-month-old son


“I am so glad we accessed Margot’s services to work on our daughter’s sleep. I am a firm believer that a good night’s sleep is crucial, not just for the parents, but for the child as well. Our daughter adjusted to the changes so quickly and now rarely cries when she wakes up in the morning or from a nap. She often wakes up smiling and talking – a sign she’s well rested – which she wasn’t doing before. It’s amazing to put her in her crib and close the door knowing she’s content and will be asleep in a few minutes. With Margot’s help, I really feel we have set the foundation for good sleep habits for many years to come!”

– Jennifer and Ray, parents to 8-month-old Sophia


“We are very thankful that Margot helped this tired family get the sleep we so desperately needed. The process of sleep coaching was definitely intensive and sometimes trying, but well worth the effort in the end. Thank you, Margot!”

– Jill, mom to 11-month-old daughter


“Margot was so patient and supportive. She took her time answering questions and discussing plans. She responded promptly to questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend Sleephaven to others struggling with sleep.”

– G. and D. – parents to 6-month-old Ariella


“Margot, thank you for helping our family with the sleep challenges and giving us the tools to help our little one fall asleep and stay asleep independently.”

– 7-month-old Teddy’s mother, Maria


“When we started with the sleep training, we felt like it was going to be a much more difficult process. After dealing with Margot, she was very gentle, and always willing to make changes that we were comfortable with, even if it meant the process was a bit slower in terms of seeing change. We would definitely recommend her to our friends. Many thanks for all she taught us.”

– Lindsay and Darryl, parents to 11-month-old Ava


“We are happy to report that she is sleeping well through the night, and doing well with her naps. We sometimes have some trouble with early mornings and the afternoon naps can be tricky, but all in all we are happy with how she is doing. Thank you for your help and suggestions we are all enjoying more sleep!”

– Rose and Joe won a 1-hour sleep consultation for their daughter, Nora


“My wife and I were having significant bedtime issues in our home with our three-year-old daughter. Our daughter didn’t want to go to bed, and when she did it was hours upon hours of significant effort and struggles to actually get her to sleep. Margot came in and identified the weak areas of our nighttime sleep routines and showed our whole family signs of fatigue that had escaped our attention. With Margot’s direction and regular follow up and some parental perseverance, we were able to reset our daughter’s nightly routine so she was in bed at the right time AND able to go to sleep on her own in a reasonable amount of time. We can tell you that having the extra few hours at night without constant trips to our daughter’s room to settle her down was odd at first but now we relish the time. Time that we did not know existed for the past three years! Thanks again, Margot. You gave us the gift of time and with that we have a much healthier and happier home. We would recommend Margot to any family with sleep issues. The small investment will pay dividends every single day for you.”

– L. & A., parents to 3-year-old daughter


“Our family decided to contact Margot once our son was 6 and a half months old and was only napping while being worn in the baby wrap. He was not going more than 1.5 hour stretches at night without waking to nurse. This had fluctuated and been OK for the first 5 months or so, but instead of progressing towards longer sleep, he seemed to be going in the opposite direction. My husband and I wanted to get advice and help from someone who had been through this before, and who advocated gentle and supportive methods to help him sleep better. We were honestly surprised by how well he responded to the change in sleeping supports. My husband was able to wake up with him in the night, aside from the times I had decided to nurse him, and our son was quick to clue in to the changes. What has amazed us the most has been the daytime naps. He consistently goes down for 2-3 good naps each day in his crib, and he has developed very clear sleep signals for us to watch for. This has been an excellent experience overall, and I am so pleased to have worked with Margot and gained the confidence to navigate all the different sleep advice out there.”

– R. & S., parents of 8-month-old son


“Reading books provided good information, but we needed personalized help. Aria’s sleep was not improving with time and we felt that we tried everything we could on our own, and sleep training aided by a sleep therapist was our last solution. Basically, we felt like we had hit “rock bottom” regarding our sleep. We were very cautious about sleep training and fearful of letting Aria cry it out. I feel the (Sleephaven) approach was gentle, yet necessary since Aria has such a strong, determined personality. Since Aria’s sleep has improved she is no longer sleep deprived, and she is much happier, tolerant and patient. Margot, you were so positive, reassuring and encouraging. We feel like we would have failed at sleep training Aria without your support. Your timely feedback to tweak our coaching was so useful. My husband and I sing your praises on a daily basis. We enjoy some quiet adult time and rest in the evenings now that Aria has a regular, consistent bedtime. We cannot believe the positive change that gentle sleep training has had on our family, and are so appreciative of Aria’s great sleep.”

– Brynne, mom to 10-month-old daughter


“Our lives changed when Maya was born and they changed again when we met Margot! We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Margot to improve our daughter’s naps. Margot helped us get Maya onto a better sleep schedule and taught us how to teach Maya to fall asleep on her own. It worked! Best of all, it worked quickly! Naps are no longer a struggle, and the naps are longer now so she is rested and happier. Margot was always extremely professional, courteous and friendly and I would encourage any tired family to call her ASAP!”

– Lindsay, mom to 7-month-old


“Christian is doing absolutely amazing. I can now put him in his crib awake for naps or bed time and he will put himself to sleep every time. The only time he wakes up is when he’s ready to start the day between 7 & 7:30 am. Thank-you so very much for your help. I don’t know what I would of done without it. It’s made a huge difference :-)”

– Nikky, mom to an 8- month- old son


“At 14 months old, our daughter started resisting our attempts to get her to fall asleep. She used to fall asleep nursing, or being walked around in our arms, or rocked in a rocking chair. At some point, she just decided she didn’t want to sleep at all! It was horrible, trying for hours to get her to fall asleep. She was overtired and so were we, it was affecting everyone in a negative manner. We called Margot, and she got us set up with a realistic plan right away. We were very much against letting our daughter cry, and there truly was a minimal amount of tears involved – she did cry a little, but it wasn’t overly traumatic for her. I never thought we’d see the results we did, but we were willing to try almost anything. Within a few days she had gone from waking every 45-90 minutes, to sleeping in 4-6 hour time periods. Within a week she had slept 11 hours through the night! She was also napping more reliably, and able to put herself to sleep without being nursed, held or rocked. We had an amazing experience with Sleephaven and would definitely recommend this service to others!”

– C. and T.


“We decided to contact Margot after weeks of sleepless nights with our almost 6-month-old daughter Sydney. Sydney had slept through the night for a couple of months early on and then suddenly stopped. It seemed that it was getting worse with her often up 2, 3 and occasionally 4 times a night wanting to be fed. She was also refusing to nap much during the day. We were both exhausted, but were determined not to just let her “cry it out” as was often the suggestion. Things started to improve almost immediately after our initial consultation with Margot. The plan she helped us develop, which we put on cheat sheets and taped to our fridge, was straightforward, very gentle and let us teach Sydney how to go to sleep while still responding to her and comforting her when she cried. The follow-up calls with Margot were great for both tweaking our plan and getting feedback on what we were doing. It took some dedication on our part for a few weeks, but it was relatively painless, and it worked quickly. It is just over a month after we started and Sydney has slept through the night 5 nights in a row. Her naps are also getting much better! We are pleased to be able to say that we taught our daughter to sleep without letting her cry endlessly in her crib! Everyone is happier, getting caught up on their sleep and we feel good about the method we used to achieve it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Margot to anyone who wants to improve their family’s sleep.”

– Beth, mom to 6 month old daughter


“Before we started this process I could never leave Isaac with a sitter or my husband for very long – I always had to rush home before his naptime, as he was unable to fall asleep without nursing and co-sleeping. I had a hard time getting anything done, as Isaac couldn’t nap by himself… and after he finally fell asleep he would often wake up within 45 minutes. Even if I could manage to get him to go back to sleep his naps were rarely long enough. If he didn’t fall asleep in our bed I had to take him out for stroller rides or car rides to get him to fall asleep. I didn’t have free time in the evenings, as Isaac was often awake until 9-10 pm. His sleep was very interrupted (and so was mine!)… and Isaac would want to nurse pretty much continuously from 4 am onwards. I was exhausted most of the time. Getting ready for work in the morning was practically impossible, as Isaac would wake up and cry as soon as I left the bed. IsaacWith Margot’s help my child now has regular bedtimes (7:30 pm), wake-up times (never before 6 am) and nap times. He is getting more sleep and his sleep is more restorative (i.e. his sleep is less interrupted, he is sleeping in his crib for naps versus the stroller or car seat). I can leave him with a sitter and he will easily fall asleep in a playpen there. His naps are always at least 1.5 hours – but usually are longer. When I put him in his crib he falls asleep within 15-30 minutes. I often leave the room with him still awake and he puts himself to sleep without any crying. Isaac seems to be thriving on the routines Margot helped me to establish. I would highly recommend Sleephaven Sleep Consultation to other parents. The methods used were gentle yet effective… and the results exceeded my expectations.”

– Janet, mom to 14 month old son


“Bedtime was not a relaxing time for our family. Trying to get our 2 year old to stay in bed after being tucked in was a nightly battle and then middle of the night wakings to joining us in our bed kept our family from getting enough solid sleep. By enlisting Margot’s help I wasn’t sure what to expect and was slightly doubtful of what the results would be. However, Margot’s gentle and non-judgemental approach was enough to settle my uncertainties. Margot helped us determine what the right approach to improving our sleep situation was. Within one week, our son was no longer coming into our bed at night. Without the extra body in our bed, our quality of sleep improved and we felt renewed in the morning instead of more tired. Getting our son to stay in his bed after being tucked in was a bigger challenge and the biggest part of that challenge was being consistent with our reward system and consequences. Margot helped this by having frequent check-ins. Having to be accountable to her encouraged us to persevere. With the consistency, our son did get better at staying in his bed. Though some nights he does wander out and makes up excuses to get out of bed, we feel we now have the resources and confidence to get him back on track. We are truly grateful for Margot and will be recommending her to any of our friends who are having similar problems.”

– Brandon and Evelyn


“Whoever coined the term “sleeping like a baby” clearly never had one – or never had kids like mine. Like air or water, you don’t really appreciate how essential sleep is until you don’t have much of it any more. Our oldest son – who’s now three – never had much use for sleep, or so we thought. He went all day without napping, unless it was by accident – during a car ride or while nursing or taking a bottle. So, no break for his parents, either. We tried putting him down, but he always resisted. Occasionally, he would fall asleep but never for longer than half an hour. I thought he was just a kid who didn’t need much sleep. When our second son came along, I knew we had to do things differently. He was six-and-a-half months old and still waking up three times a night, sometimes five times. Then, we signed up with Margot. It was one of the toughest things we’ve done, because it meant restructuring our lives, steeling our resolve in the face of screaming and wailing (sometimes them, sometimes us) and taking the tough road over the easy route in the wee hours. You can read about sleep training; you can look up tips on-line, but it helps having someone on your team whom you can call for advice – someone who’s knowledgeable, patient and supportive. And no matter what obstacles we encountered, Margot always had a plan. There were many nights when, impatient and frustrated with exhaustion, we felt like giving up, but a phone call to Margot would help give us the support and direction we needed. So, are the kids (and parents) sleeping better? Definitely. Are we all happier? You bet.”

– Karen

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