Sleep Goals - Sleephaven Sleep Consultation: Helping Tired Families Sleep

If you checked the resources section on the Sleephaven website, you no doubt
found “the Basics” with some key tips to help your tired family sleep. One of the
first steps is to set some sleep goals. So many of us fall into patterns without
really thinking about it – and that includes what sleep looks like in our homes.
When I suggest setting sleep goals, I’m not talking about goals that are “set in
stone”. Your sleep needs will naturally change with the demands of life. It is
helpful, however, to think about where “getting sleep” sits on your list of priorities,
and on what you want sleep to look like for your family. Here are a few questions
to get you thinking:
• When your child’s life (or yours) gets busy, what are the first things you let
go of?
• Do you keep track of how much your child sleeps? Do you actively guard
sleep time?
• Have you chosen to co-sleep/ room share – or are you there by default?
• What are your long- term plans for sleep space? Would you like your child
to have their own space or share with another family member?
• What would you like bedtime/ wake times to be?
• How long would you like your child to breastfeed for, if s/he is not yet
• What are your goals for daytime sleep/ quiet times?
Setting some sleep goals will help you clarify your needs and expectations. You
will also have a better idea of what information or support you need to move
towards better sleep.
And if you need a boost and some encouragement along the way, remember that
I am close at hand to help your tired family sleep!
Margot Byer
Sleephaven Sleep Consultation