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Holiday celebrations are fast approaching amid much anticipation. Be sure and check out some valuable tips on Sleeping Through the Holidays with all the added excitement and stresses.

As you are completing your Christmas shopping, or looking ahead to birthdays, here are some gift suggestions to also share with family and friends – gifts that support sleep!

Gro Anywhere Blind is a portable blackout blind that you can take with you when you travel or use in baby’s nursery to make the room nice and dark. Sleeping in a dark room supports our body’s melatonin production and helps us move into sleep (and stay asleep).

A White Noise Machine softens the impact of incidental noise in the house or hotel, and gives your baby’s brain a “hook” back into sleep when she cycles into a lighter sleep state during the night or naps. There are several good options, including the Marpac Dohm DS and Conair Sound Therapy machine.

If you are worried about your little one banging her head against the crib rails, then you might want to consider padding with Wonder Bumpers.

The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper allows baby to sleep close on her own sleep surface.

The Phil & Ted’s Traveller Portacot is a lightweight option for safe sleeping space when you are away from home.

Is your little one attached to her soother, but has a hard time finding it in the middle of the night? The Wubbanub Pacifier stays close by so she can find it when she needs it.

I like Sleep Sacks for several reasons: they keep loose blankets out of the crib and baby warm at night; they can help with the transition out of the swaddle (especially if they are a “tighter” fit such as the Woombie); and they can keep older babies from climbing out the crib. Sleep sacks come in lighter materials for the summer, and cozy fabric for the winter time.

Check out the SnoozeShade if baby needs a nap-on-the-go!

Know someone who is handy with a sewing machine? Make your own tiny ribbon blanket. Include it in all your snuggle times with baby, and it may become that special “lovey” that reminds her of your love and helps her bridge the night until morning.

BOOKS, BOOKS and MORE BOOKS! We know without a doubt that books are a wonderful tool for cementing your relationship, developing language foundations and helping your little one calm and move into sleep.

And last, but not least, give the Gift of Sleep with a Sleephaven Consultation. I will help you understand some of the current sleep science so you know why your child is waking, set you up with a customized sleep plan, and walk you through to better nights and naps!

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